Thursday, October 02, 2008

火警练习 fire drilll

f**k the Margaret hall building
短短的一天里 ?
/within one day, there are 3 fire drill happen in our hostel everyone was like what?? AGAIN?
竟然进行了3 次的防火演习
第一次 / first time, was 1am in the midnight
半夜1点 每个人都被惊醒了
第二次 / second time was in 7am in the early morning
我还以为 我做梦呢
下午6 点半 /and the last time is 6.30 evening swt....
不过 每次的火警练习 /but every time u will see funny scene for example..
都会看到 很好笑的情景
有的穿着 浴袍 /someone wearing bathrobe
有的拿着饭 /意大利面出来 /someone come out with their plate
有的没穿鞋 /someone without shoe, n there is so DAMN COLD outside
也有的直接拿电脑 出来 /some even bring out their laptop =.=
好气 又好笑的说 /well, its a very SPECIAL experience for me, and get a lesson
/that do not stay in hostel IF YOU CAN.. hahaa
/the sounds of alarm is really annoying.


felicia said...

now your blog is in double language d..
really as your cousin said,
they like to practice fire drill..
good experience huh..

Maple said...

OMG! HAhaha! Damn farny(funny) lorh ... but still, it's irritating =.=

Ahmed said...

haha although fire drill is noisy and very tiring , you still manage to find something to laugh about in it, lol yea stay optimistic mei ching, and thanks for writing in english , for those of us who cant read chinese haha

Anonymous said...

ok ... so make sure you dont sleep naked at night. If not... another "pattern" others will see in the next fire drill practice.

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous is me la, Ee

synlynn said...

haha.....funny ler~~
wat fish prawns pun ada...
nice scene nice scene..
nez tym u put on a shower cap too b4 u run out~

Ivan said...

make sure you get a nice pattern everytime :D

truthzz said...

YENG pattern always with me

kambatedarsin said...

walao..reali so serious meh??
very siao lo!!
i tel u..i got new housemate from malaysia and he is from inti too!!
but nilai la..hahaha

Denis said...

see! I told u before liao..
haha..Goood Luck.
more fire drill coming soon .. =p